Saturday, July 12, 2014

Decision to "Move my Blog"

In recent sewing news, I am working on many  projects simultaneously! Don't we all? ;) I have recently completed a cute red and chocolate apron for a bridal shower with photos forthcoming! I have also completed a peach 1950's silk tafetta dress that my facebook friends are loving! A young college student told me to definitely wear that on the town now! Post with photos forthcoming! Currently I'm sewing a different style 1950's pink and white silk gingham dress, which will require a new 1950's petticoat. Also I have a pair of cute modern shorts all cut out from the rest of the solid lusciously soft black fabric I used for the bow in my 1940's dress. Last night I started handsewing an 18th century cap. 
Also I'm joining a quilt guild! Two quilts are waiting to be sewn, One for my son to take to college and another for my niece, who's been waiting for her own Aunt Laurie quilt while I've been busy homeschooling.
Homeschooling has kept me enormously busy and currently college details and paperwork are snatching spare moments of my time. I have graduated my youngest a few weeks ago.
However I plan to keep sewing historical clothing, as well as more contemporary styles for daily fashionable wear with a special touch. I'm not too keen on what I find in the stores so I'm designing my own look that my daughter and I love, which basically translates into soft colors, floral, tucks, and flounces.
So where does that leave this blog?  I am mentally stretched to try to maintain two blogs.  I haven't quite found a blogging voice here, yet I definitely have one at my original blog, Teacups in the Garden. Furthermore, everything I post here is also posted at Teacups in the Garden.  My original Teacups in the Garden blog was at another platform where I researched html code and created quite a fun looking space.  Then my platform moved it...then they deleted it! Can you imagine? Thankfully they gave me a heads up so in a week I managed to move it to blogger, however all the old links are dead.  This summer I started at the very first blog post and have been refreshing links.  It's a slow process and I am nearly done with 2009 and everything previous to that.  =)
I've decided to quit blogging here and to eventually delete this blog.  Not to fear though, for everything I have here is already posted at Teacups in the Garden.  It's all been cross posted and so it's quite redundant.  However I won't delete this one until I finish updating Teacups in the Garden with refreshed links. Also I am going to create tabs at the top for my costuming and quilting. Since I am joining the quilt guild, I am making an entire new set of friends. Instead of creating yet another blog quilting will have it's tab and so will my historical sewing. 
Also as a further tease, it is at my Teacups in the Garden blog that I have all my millinerary pictures from Colonial Williamsburg, as well as visits and excitements about my sewing classes at the CW Costume Design Center. 
Meanwhile I will bump this message to the top each month, depending on how long it takes me to snaz things up at Teacups in the Garden, and I will post my sewing related links here. In fact I'll be sharing about my 18th century cap by Tuesday, because that is for the latest Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge. Stay tuned!
I'm also thinking about starting a new weekly series where I feature a  favorite blog. There are so many that I love that my wheels are turning.  See, my wheels turn at Teacups in the Garden, but I feel that the wheels are a bit rusty here! lol
I thought I'd make the announcement now, so that my followers can have time to discover my news and make a decision on how to follow me.  I have to say that another push for me to do this is one of my very best historical clothing sewing friends whom we all know and love no longer follows me here. Instead she follows me at Teacups in the Garden. In fact A Fashionable Frolick (my very best historical clothing friends) kindly awarded me a blog award a year ago, not for this blog but for Teacups in the Garden.  Thank you so much! ;)